Citicards website for Citicards login

Citicards website for Citicards login boasts of simplicity with blue hues accented by a white background and gray lettering. To contrast the clean cut, yet static, design, a transforming photo is centered on the page—moving from one type of Citicard to the next.

Information and Hyperlinked Headers

The very top of the screen has a black bar with links to:

• Open an account
• Card member agreement
• Rates
• Locations
• Contact Us
• Help
• Search

From here a larger logo shows Citibank’s historical longevity of 200 years— this sits on top of another stripe full of links. These tabs have more specifically to do with how to manage a Citibank account online:

• Banking
• Credit Cards
• Lending
• Investing
• Business
• Rewards and Offers
• Services
• Sign on

After these initial headers, the rest of the page is full of promotions for different Citicards and benefits, including the transforming photograph.

Citicards Login

To the left of the changing Citicard photo montage is the login box. The Citicards login box is offset in the layout with a blue rectangle with rounded corners. The color background of the box fades top to bottom from turquoise blue to deep sea blue. This fade happens in a few other places on the website and gives movement to the page and keeps the user’s eye moving around.

Even though there is a lot of information on this homepage, the login box is easy to distinguish because of its color against the white background and next to mostly white and black graphics with hints of subtle color.

The login box is full of information and links:

• Register button
• User ID box
• Password box
• Remember my User ID check box
• Sign on button
• Forgotten User ID or password button
• Activate a new card
• Spanish language alternative site.

Register Button

This dark blue button will lead a user in search of a new account with Citicards to a page where they can sign up. To set up online accessibility to a Citicard account, the user must enter their debit or credit card number in the given box and continue to set up and confirm this access.

Citicard Secure Login with User ID and Password

If a user has existing online access to their Citicard, she or he can enter their User ID and password to manage their account. If a user does not want to re-enter her or his ID name every time she or he wants to see the status of their Citicard, there is a small check box to enable that specific computer to remember the user ID. This is a handy tool for people who check their Citicard status frequently but can be dangerous if:

• A computer is stolen
• A computer or laptop is left alone and open to the user’s Citicard account page
• The box is checked on public computer

The three links at the bottom for forgotten user IDs and passwords, how to activate a new card and how to change the site to Spanish are all helpful links that make Citicard secure login easier and help users manage their Citicards more effectively, safely and efficiently.

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